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2016 | [a]list summit


It’s a wrap! Thank you speakers, attendees, partners and livestream viewers! Videos of all individual sessions are now available below.

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The Frontline approach to marketing is powered by the predictive processes and technologies being championed by visionary brands. Hosted by media personality Jim Louderback, our 12th edition of the [a]list summit, which took place on April 20th at the W Hotel in Seattle, featured 30 top game-changing strategists, talented creatives, and top marketing experts who are challenging the status quo and exemplifying what it means to be Frontline; using new tools and processes to accelerate the understanding and creation of content and media consumers truly want. Program and direct links to videos from individual sessions below.





9:00 am


Summit Welcome!

Jim Louderback, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

9:10 am


Presentation: What is Frontline Marketing?

To succeed in today’s data-fueled landscape, you need to adopt a new approach. One in which creative strategies are powered by listening processes and discovery tools that offer unique insights into the desires of consumers, and with a virtuous cycle that continually refines and improves itself.
Chris Younger, Principal and Director of Strategy, Ayzenberg
Stu Pope, Principal and Creative Director, Ayzenberg

9:20 am


Keynote – AT&T Foundry: How Innovation Creates Brand Value

Ruth Yomtoubian, Director at AT&T Foundry, leads ideation, inception, incubation, implementation and commercialization of innovative projects for AT&T. She is also the brand owner of the AT&T Foundry™, the company’s network of innovation centers built to explore new technology and serve as a front door for startups, developers and partners such as Amdocs, Cisco, Ericsson and Intel. In her keynote, Ruth will explore how AT&T approaches innovation through the Foundry model, helping the Foundry to become one of the most valuable brands in AT&T’s portfolio.
Presenter: Ruth Yomtoubian, Director, AT&T Foundry
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9:45 am


Presentation: Two Bit Circus – Blending Physical and Digital Play

Eric Gradman is one of the Co-Founders of Two Bit Circus, one of the only venture-backed circuses in the world. The Los Angeles-based team of super nerds build immersive entertainment with modern technology with the goal to inspire and bring people together in new ways. Eric is an inventor and entertainer who makes others see technology as magic. He has a colorful history as a circus performer, professional whistler, roboticist, and inventor.
Presenter: Eric Gradman, CTO, Two Bit Circus
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10:05 am


Q&A: How To Be Creative at the Speed of Conversation

What is the secret behind creating compelling, social content for brands on these mobile social platforms? Learn about creating effective content around conversation-drivers to deliver superior results for your brand.
Presenter: Dennis Todisco, Head of Digital Creator Community, Niche / Twitter
Interviewed By: Rebecca Markarian, SVP, Social and Digital Media, Ayzenberg
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10:25 am


Fireside Chat: The Future of Influencer Marketing

YouTube sensation Connor Franta and his business partner Andrew Graham will delve into the latest trends in creating authentic content together with brands. Franta, who boasts millions of subscribers across his two channels, is also becoming a savvy marketer in his own right by releasing his own line of coffee, Common Culture Coffee, as well as his record label, Heard Well.
Connor Franta, Youtuber and Founder, Heard Well
Andrew Graham, Talent Manager & Co-Founder, Heard Well

Moderator: Steven Lai, Head of Talent, ION
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10:50 am

Networking Break & Refreshments

11:15 am


Presentation: How Predictive Analytics Can Help Find Your Brand Soulmate

[a]insights CTO Kai Mildenberger and Dr. Galen Buckwalter, the data scientist behind eHarmony and and scientific advisor to [a]insights, will give you a look into the future of predictive marketing analytics through their work on developing Brand Soulmates to line up ideal influencers with premium brands engaging in influencer marketing.
Kai Mildenberger, CTO, [a]insights
Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Data Scientist and Advisor, [a]insights
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11:35 am


Keynote: Facebook & Instagram – The Future of Mobile Video

The growth of mobile video has led to communications in general becoming more immersive. Facebook is at the forefront of mobile video, with 100 million hours of video watched on the platform each day. How can marketers adapt to this new environment and create experiences that are built for this increasingly immersive world?
Presenter: Paul Peterman, Head of Industry, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook & Instagram
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12:05 pm


Fireside Chat: Drone Racing – The Next Big Thing?

Drone racing is a fast-growing extreme sport in which pilots compete head-to-head with small flying drones while wearing first-person-view goggles. It’s all fueled by a highly engaged social media community with pilots emerging as real social media influencers. Dr. Scot Refsland is the founder and CEO of RotorSports, producers of the US National Drone Racing Championships and the Inaugural 2016 World Drone Racing Championships in Hawaii with over 40 countries participating. Scot has a Ph.D. in Virtual and Augmented Reality and a BA from University of Southern California. He is particularly interested in the intersection of drone racing, eSports and mixed reality technologies and also advisor to the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA).
Presenter: Dr. Scot Refsland, Founder and CEO, RotorSports
Interviewed by: Jay Baage, Executive Director [a]list
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12:30 pm

Lunch & Networking

1:30 pm


Keynote: Activision Blizzard – Creating the ESPN of eSports

Mike Sepso, Head of Activision Blizzard Media Networks and MLG Co-Founder, will give the audience a look into Activision Blizzard’s strategy to deliver the best-in-class fan experience across games, geographies and platforms, to further the development of its world-leading esports ecosystem. From creating premium content and leveraging its broadcast technology platform, to hiring former ESPN CEO Steve Bornstein, Activision Blizzard Media Networks sees a future which involves giant stadiums, megastar players organized in big leagues, super fans, and big business and marketing opportunities which goes well beyond the traditional gaming universe.
Presenter: Mike Sepso, SVP, Activision Blizzard Media Networks, Co-Founder, MLG
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2:05 pm


Panel – ESports as Content is at the Nexus of Consumer Trends

The relationship between gamers and brands has shifted from one of consumer and creator to mutual collaboration, with a growing emphasis on creating entertainment value together with the gamers. Publishers and brands are becoming facilitators of the consumer desire to create and produce.
Andy Swanson, VP, eSports, Twitch
Dan Ciccone, Managing Director, rEvXP, Agent, OpTic Gaming
Rahul Sood, CEO, UNIKRN
Matt West, Director of Content Strategy, Ayzenberg
Moderator: Michael Cai, SVP Research, Video Games and Technology, Interpret
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2:40 pm


Presentation: The Ayzenberg Earned Media Value Index (AEMVI)

Smart marketers know influencer and social marketing works, but understanding the value of those programs in comparison to paid media can be difficult. Until now. Thousands of hours have gone into the creation of the Ayzenberg EMV Index. Key members of the [a]insights group will give a unique presentation about how you can use the AEMVI to assign value to social and influencer activations and compare them to other options in the marketing mix.
Vincent Juarez, Principal, Ayzenberg & ION
Robin Boytos, Director, Analytics, Ayzenberg & [a]insights
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3:00 pm

Networking Break & Refreshments

3:15 pm


Presentation: YouNow – A Different Kind of Streaming Experience

YouNow is a live social network that enables audiences and performers to connect in real time and is devoted to the unlimited potential of human creativity. The platform has over 100 million user sessions a month and live-streams 50,000 hours of new video content every day. YouNow is backed by Oren Zeev and VCs Venrock, Union Square Ventures and Comcast Ventures. This presentation will not only give us insights into what makes a compelling streamer and how they grow their audience on YouNow, but we’ll also get to meet one or two of them – live!
Paula Batson, VP, PR and Communication, YouNow
Watch Session on VOD Here

3:35 pm


Presentation: Storytelling for New Media

From ancient myths told around the fire…to Walter White streamed on an iPad, Joey Jones will address how successful stories have worked over the ages through various mediums. Learn how today’s advents in VR, AR, and 360° cameras are either a passing novelty, or the future mode of communication and storytelling.
Presenter: Joey Jones, VP and Creative Director, Ayzenberg
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3:55 pm


Presentation: VR Gets Real – What Brands Need To Know

Shiraz Akmal is CEO and Co-Founder of SPACES, an independent virtual and mixed reality company formed by the members of DreamWorks Animation’s DreamLab, an innovation center that spent the last 3 years creating all of the studios virtual reality experiences, technology and products. SPACES will share examples of how global brands are leveraging the magic of virtual reality to teleport their audiences anywhere or bring their brands into our real world through the latest in mixed reality.
Presenter:  Shiraz Akmal, CEO and Co-Founder, SPACES (formerly Co-Head of DreamWorks Animation’s DreamLab)
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4:15 pm


Presentation: Interactive 360 Video – Why You Should Care

A year ago, Wirewax were receiving 2-3 requests a quarter for making 360 degree video interactive with their video technology. In 2016, they’ve been dealing with 2-3 requests a day. As a result they have developed a new interactive 360 video experience, launching this summer. The founding team behind the technology that powers 15,000 users, including broadcasters like NBC, USA and the BBC, will exclusively reveal the making of the new interactive 360 video, what it means for the industry and why we should care in the first place?
Steve Callanan, CEO, Wirewax
Dan Garraway, Co-Founder, Wirewax
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4:35 pm


Presentation: AIs in Fiction and Fact: Where Do We Go From Here?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence has evolved at breakneck speed, both in fiction and fact. The final presentation of the day will explore elements of fictional AI development – Cortana, Shodan, Hal 9000 and others, and contrast that fantasy with the nascent realities of Siri, IBM Watson, Google Now and of course, real Cortana. So from a game developer and storyteller’s perspective, what’s the logical next act in this developing narrative and how should marketers and mankind prepare?
Presenter: Frank O’Connor, Creative Director, Halo Franchise, 343 Industries/Microsoft.
Watch Session on VOD Here

4:55 pm

Closing Remarks

Jim Louderback, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

5:00 pm

Cocktail Reception

Live DJ, Open Bar & Hors d’oeuvres


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About [a]list summit

Because the Future is Now

Ayzenberg’s first [a]list summit was first produced in 2008 as an invite-only event for gaming industry luminaries and brand marketers. Since then, thousands of industry insiders have attended the summits held in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Napa Valley and New York.

Whether the topic is influencers, mobile or video, [a]list summit has evolved to become an open forum for marketers at forward-thinking brands to meet and discuss the most relevant current challenges and opportunities.

From Korean fusion food by famed L.A. chef Roy Choi to a retro “Mad Men” soundtrack by Dave Damiani, or art installations by Mark Todd, [a]list summit has been complemented by the best of current culture and is designed to be a unique industry event.

Key Stats:

300+ Average Attendees
125+ Brands in Attendence
30+ Speakers
6.5M+ Social Media Impressions

Past speakers include:

Morgan Neville Academy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker

Jonathan Murtaugh US Head of Industry for Film and Television, Facebook & Instagram

Stephanie Horbaczewski CEO, StyleHaul

Michelle Phan YouTube Superstar and Founder ipsy

Andy Swanson VP, eSports, Twitch

LeAnne Hackmann Sr. Director, Global Content Strategy & Activation, Mattel

Allison Stern Co-Founder & VP Marketing and Business Development, Tubular

JC Cangilla SVP of Business Development, New Form Digital

Seamus Blackley Xbox Co-Creator

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Producer, Transformers Franchise

Shay Carl Co-Founding Talent of Maker Studios

Peter Levin President, Interactive Ventures and Games, Lionsgate

TerryCity Head of West Coast Operations, Buzzfeed

David Hayes Head of Creative Strategy, Tumblr

T.J.Marchetti CMO, Awesomeness TV

Maria Pacheco Sr. Director, Mobile Marketing, Dreamworks Animation

Mary Healey Global Lead, YouTube Brand Partner Program

Elaine Chase Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing, Hasbro

Scott Carlis VP of Digital and Social Media, AEG (LA Kings)

Jack and Jack Influencers

Zach King Influencer

Olga Kay Influencer

Nolan Bushnell Founder of Atari, Chuck E Cheese

Ed Lin Director of Brand Marketing, Warner Bros

Jordan Weisman CEO Harebrained Schemes

Min Kim CEO Nexon America

Jeanette Liang Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing, Estee Lauder

Mike Webster Director of Marketing, Capcom

Kristian Segerstale COO, Super Evil MegaCorp

Leo Oleb Director of Marketing Kabam

Ryan Weiner Director of Marketing Activision

Phil Marineau Director of Marketing, Electronic Arts

Ryan Cameron Xbox Director of Marketing Communications, Microsoft

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