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Thanks to all participants, online and offline, for making it the biggest [a]list summit to date!


YouTube is being challenged by Facebook, Vine and Instagram. Streaming video platforms like Twitch, Meerkat and Periscope are quickly gaining traction. Virtual and augmented reality video applications are now maturing with platforms such as HoloLens, Glass and Oculus. This shifting landscape presents both fresh opportunities and urgent needs for new strategies, skills and sensibilities. Join us for a day of insights and networking as we explore the latest tools and trends, hear from innovators and meet top creatives in the booming field of video. 



8:30 am

Registration and Breakfast 


9:00 am

Summit Welcome – Get Ready for the Video Storm!

Chris Younger, Principal and Director of Strategy, Ayzenberg

Chris Younger

Chris Younger will set the stage for the day in opening statements about why the shifting video landscape presents huge opportunities and at the same time require urgent needs for new strategies, skills and sensibilities.



9:15 am

Morning Keynote: Shaping the Future of Mobile Video

Jonathan Murtaugh, US Head of Industry for Film and Television, Facebook & Instagram

Jonathan Murtaugh

As Facebook is emerging as a real force in online video and an even tougher contender in the battle for digital ad dollars, we are excited to announce a keynote with Jonathan Murtaugh, who leads Facebook’s team that works with entertainment marketers to successfully leverage Facebook and Instagram as marketing platforms.



9:45 am

Presentation: Constant Content - Millennial Video Consumption Habits

Nichole Becker, VP, Research, DEFY Media and Zach Smith, SVP, Branded Content, DEFY Media. Moderated by Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Variety.

Nichole Becker, Zach Smith & Andrew Wallenstein

DEFY Media’s 2015 Acumen Report: Constant Content explores the role of social media in content discovery and how “thumbstoppers” are crucial to getting youths’ attention, with a deep-dive into the thematic elements that appeal to youth. The phenomenon of YouTube celebrities and their role influencing youths’ content choices is also explored.



10:10 am

Fireside Chat: Latest Trends in Branded Content Development

StyleHaul’s CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski and Chief Content Officer Mia Goldwyn. Interviewed by Shira Lazar, What’s Trending.

Shira Lazar, Stephanie Horbaczewski & Mia Goldwyn

In this discussion, Stephanie and Mia will discuss StyleHaul's original content strategy, including recent projects Fresh Dressed and VANITY, and other upcoming initiatives, including more content planned as a result of StyleHaul’s partnership with FremantleMedia and the company’s newest proprietary scalable influencer development platform, StyleHaul Society. 



10:30 am

Networking Break and Refreshments



11:00 am

Keynote Interview: Changing the Way you See The World

Academy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker Morgan Neville. Interviewed by Matt Bretz, VP and Creative Director, Ayzenberg.

Morgan Neville & Matt Bretz

In this keynote interview, Morgan will discuss branded documentary content and how it differs from traditional documentary films -- and how it is the same. In a landscape of ever more abbreviated platforms for communication, marketing docs are unabashedly rich, cinematic and traditionally narrative. Where his work fits into a big brand's communication portfolio?



11:30 am

Presentation: YouTube, technology, and brands. Oh my! The new marketing path to Oz

Pixability CMO Rob Ciampa


How new technology enabled a leading sports apparel brand to execute worldwide YouTube campaigns, linking paid, owned and earned strategies, to fuel a global brand revolution.



11:45 am

Panel: It’s Not Just A Fandom—It’s A Movement

VidCon Industry Track curator Jim Louderback, Ayzenberg and ION Principal and Director of Media Vincent Juarez and Executive Director Jon Roth. Moderated by [a]listdaily’s Jay Baage.

Jim Louderback, Vincent Juarez, Jon Roth & Jay Baage

Over 20,000 young teens, parents in tow, descended on the massive Anaheim Convention center for VidCon and this year. In attendance were also nearly 3,000 industry executives, investors and marketers scrambling to make sense of it all. What are take-aways in terms of where digital video and its new stars and their fans are heading?



12:05 pm

Keynote – The Changing Face of Influence

Michelle Phan, YouTube Superstar and Founder ipsy. Interviewed By Marcelo Camberos, CEO and Co-Founder, ipsy.

Michelle Phan & Marcelo Camberos

In 2011 Michelle founded ipsy, the world’s largest and most passionate online beauty community. Earlier this summer, Michelle and ipsy launched ipsy Open Studios, a new platform for beauty creators to build their careers – with no strings attached. She will be discussing how she paved her own path as a beauty creator and how ipsy Open Studios is now creating an avenue for millions of other women and men to build their careers in this new industry.



12:35 pm

Presentations: Marketing Opportunities In Streaming eSports Video

Andy Swanson, Steve Fowler & Jay Baage

Live and on-demand eSports action, programming and news is now becoming a mainstream form of entertainment with millions and millions of fans around the world and several dedicated networks. Hear from experts from two of the hottest companies involved in this industry, Twitch and ArenaNet, about how brands can grab millennials' and Gen Z’s attention through eSports.


Presentation 1 – An Entertainment Force to Be Reckoned With

Andy Swanson, VP, eSports, Twitch

Presentation 2 – The Value of Competitive Play in Guild Wars 2
Steve Fowler, Head of Global Marketing, ArenaNet

Moderator: Jay Baage, Executive Director [a]listdaily



1:00 pm




2:05 pm

Fireside Chat: How Brands Can Shine on Snapchat

Dan Altmann, Co-Founder & CEO, Naritiv. Interviewed by Jim Louderback, Brand Strategist and Venture Partner at Social Starts.

Dan Altmann & Jim Louderback

This fireside chat will focus on what works for brands on Snapchat and how Naritiv was able to leverage native talent to help Disney's Pretty Little Liars Snapchat account amass more than one million followers on the platform.



2:30 pm 

Panel: Going Native? Winning Multi-Platform Video Strategies

Juan Bruce, Rebecca Markarian, Jocelyn Johnson, Frank Sinton

The world’s biggest publishers are now getting onboard with Facebook Instant Video, Snapchat and other platforms offering them to publish natively, in mobile apps and outside of walled gardens. How do you navigate this integrated video landscape to reach new viewers who will engage with your brand on the platform of their choice?


Panelists: Juan Bruce, CEO and Co-Founder, Epoxy; Rebecca Markarian, SVP Digital and Social Media, Ayzenberg; Frank Sinton, Beachfront Media, CEO

Moderator: Jocelyn Johnson, Founder, VideoInk


3:00 pm 

Networking Break and Snacks


3:15 pm 

Fireside Chat: The Future of the Data-Driven Studio

Allison Stern, Co-Founder & VP Marketing and Business Development, Tubular and JC Cangilla, SVP of Business Development, New Form Digital

Allison Stern & JC Cangilla

JC Cangilla from New Form Digital, the online studio joint venture of Discovery, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, will speak with Allison Stern, co-founder of Video Intelligence firm Tubular Labs, about the future of the data-driven digital studio. Learn how New Form Digital uses Tubular insights to identify rising star storytellers, create engaging digital scripted content, and successfully grow engaged digital audiences.



3:40 pm 

Halo 5: Audio Killed the Video Star?

Ryan Cameron Xbox Director of Marketing Communications. Interviewed by Noah Eichen, Creative Director, Ayzenberg

Noah Eichen & Ryan Cameron

Join us for a discussion about “Hunt the Truth”, the hit podcast created by Xbox, Ayzenberg and 343 Industries to support the upcoming launch of Halo 5: Guardians. How do audio podcasts fit into a brand’s overall creative content strategy, how can a brand find success when creating this type of branded content to improve fan engagement and community, and what’s driving the resurgence of the podcast?



4:00 pm 

Barbie: Going Native on YouTube

LeAnne Hackmann, Sr. Director – Global Content Strategy & Activation, Mattel and Julia Pistor, Executive Producer, Playground Productions, Mattel. Interviewer: Heather Vernon, Director, Client Service, Ayzenberg.

Julia Pistor

The focus of this case-study is on incorporating YouTube prevailing trends to re-imagine Barbie as a vlogger to drive brand awareness and engage our fans in a manner that was native to channel.



4:25 pm 

Influencer Roundtable: What Video Creators Want from Its Brand SoulMates

Mike Symonds, Creative Director, RocketJump (7.6M YT Subscribers) and Bart Baker, King of music video parodies (6.4M YT Subscribers), Matthew Patrick (MatPat) Creator of the Game Theorists (5M YT subscribers) and Film Theorists (1.2M YT subscribers), Tom Cassell (Syndicate) #1 Twitch Streamer (first to 2M followers!) and Olga Kay, Actress-Producer-Entrepreneur (1M plus YT subscribers). Moderator: Steven Lai, Talent Group Director, ION.

Bart Baker, Steven Lai

Top Video Creators will discuss what they are looking for in brand relationships in terms of fit with their focus, creative input, cross-promotion and collaboration. This fun and lively session with top online celebrities is one that you surely don’t want to miss!



5:00 pm 

Influencer Cocktail Reception

Meet & Greet With Social Video Creators. Live DJ, raffle, appetizers and specialty drinks courtesy of Curse.

DJ Crash

Music by DJ CRASH, resident DJ for the Playboy Mansion.




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About [a]list summit

Because the Future is Now

Ayzenberg’s first [a]list summit was produced in 2008 as an invite-only event for gaming industry luminaries and brand marketers. Since then, thousands of industry insiders have attended the past 10 summits held in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Napa Valley and New York.


Whether the topic is influencers, mobile or video, [a]list summit has evolved to become an open forum for marketers across the connected entertainment industry and a place for forward-thinking brands to meet and discuss the most relevant current challenges and opportunities.


From Korean fusion food by famed L.A. chef Roy Choi to a retro "Mad Men" soundtrack by Dave Damiani, or art installations by Mark Todd, [a]list summit has been complemented by the best of current culture and is designed to be a unique industry event.


Key Stats:

300+ Average Attendees
120+ Brands in Attendence
30+ Speakers
6.5M+ Social Media Impressions


Past speakers include:

Morgan Neville Academy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker

Jonathan Murtaugh US Head of Industry for Film and Television, Facebook & Instagram

Stephanie Horbaczewski CEO, StyleHaul

Michelle Phan YouTube Superstar and Founder ipsy

Andy Swanson VP, eSports, Twitch

LeAnne Hackmann Sr. Director, Global Content Strategy & Activation, Mattel

Allison Stern Co-Founder & VP Marketing and Business Development, Tubular

JC Cangilla SVP of Business Development, New Form Digital

Seamus Blackley Xbox Co-Creator

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Producer, Transformers Franchise

Shay Carl Co-Founding Talent of Maker Studios

Peter Levin President, Interactive Ventures and Games, Lionsgate

TerryCity Head of West Coast Operations, Buzzfeed

David Hayes Head of Creative Strategy, Tumblr

T.J.Marchetti CMO, Awesomeness TV

Maria Pacheco Sr. Director, Mobile Marketing, Dreamworks Animation

Mary Healey Global Lead, YouTube Brand Partner Program

Elaine Chase Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing, Hasbro

Scott Carlis VP of digital and social media, AEG (LA Kings)

Jack and Jack Influencers

Zach King Influencer

Olga Kay Influencer

2015 attendees include:

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To be a speaker, sponsor or media partner, please email Joakim “Jay” Baage, Executive Director, [a]listdaily / Ayzenberg or call 626.584.4070 x570.