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Remote Year: Lisbon and Mexico City

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Halfway Point

It’s hard to believe that I’m halfway through my Remote Year, and have been traveling for 6 months. It feels like just yesterday I was nervously fumbling with my unused passport at the Dallas International airport. Today, my passport has 33 stamps. I’ve had the privilege to experience cultures, foods, people, and places all over Asia and Europe. I rode on a water-taxi in Bangkok, took a road trip through Hungary, visited a medieval village in Portugal and even ate a tarantula in Cambodia (coincidentally I also threw up in Cambodia). I got a haircut in Indonesia, went to the movies in Vietnam (it was raining really, really hard), and watched a game of Picigin in Croatia. I WENT TO MEEREEN!! I’ve realized that I now find a sense of comfort in not knowing who or what I’m going to encounter when I wake up each day. I may be addicted.

My six months wrapped with my time in Lisbon.  I loved it there.  The city is so vibrant and beautiful.  It reminded me a bit of a cross between San Francisco and New Orleans, with a very European flare.  There was no shortage of inspiration in Lisbon.  One day, as I was walking to grab my morning coffee, I stumbled upon an advertising exhibit called “Graphic City – Readings and Advertising.” It was a history of Lisbon’s identity as defined by signs and lettering throughout the city.  The visuals from the neon signs stuck with me through the day and popped up in a brainstorm later that afternoon.  Proof that experience feeds creativity.

Today I’ve completed my first week in Mexico City.  This place is electric.  The local culture is palpable and the people are friendly.  It’s also the first place I’ve been to this year where finding someone who speaks English is a challenge.  On the plus side, I have a pretty solid foundation of the Spanish language and am loving the practice. The food is pretty tasty, too.  I look forward to exploring the Teotihuacan ruins, the Diego Rivera Museum, and Frida Kahlo’s house in the weeks to come.  Here’s to six more months of Spanish language immersion, and coming back home a bilingual copywriter. #creandoAwesome

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