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Eric Ayzenberg

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Chief Executive Officer, Founder

The power of a singular idea is only as strong as the people who bring it to reality. The key to bringing ideas to life is to find the proper balance between courage and humility. Courage is about the risks we take in order to build meaningful connections with our audience. Humility is what keeps us pushing and growing every day.

For over 25 years, Eric Ayzenberg has been a key player in shaping the direction of brand storytelling in social, digital and influencer marketing, creating innovative media communication solutions for some of the biggest names in the video game, consumer software, toy, theatrical and consumer electronic businesses.

He began his career in New York, mastering his craft with stints at ABC, NBC and R/GA. In 1987, he moved to Los Angeles to join Chiat/Day as an art director. In 1993, he founded Ayzenberg Group with the vision of building an agency operating on the cutting edge of web-based technology. As a pioneer in creating strategy and advertising for interactive entertainment companies, Eric led the way in Internet-based innovation for his agency and his clients.

In 1997, Ayzenberg Group became one of the first agencies to create its own website and extranet. That same year, it developed some of the first portals for video game clients. In the years that followed, the agency created result-driven, award-winning online, broadcast and print advertising as well as media solutions, websites and mobile applications for a wide range of companies and brands. Among them were Electronic Arts, Disney, Mattel, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Bros. and Xbox.

Over the course of the past two decades, Ayzenberg has grown to be one of the largest independent advertising agencies on the US west coast. Continuing the spirit of innovation that has fostered his company’s success, Eric launched the agency’s Social Media and Mobile Division in 2007 and the following year initiated AList, the editorial arm of Ayzenberg. AList has grown to encompass online publishing via AListdaily, events and symposiums through AList Summits, and educational activities with AList Sessions.

Eric has continued to build a fully connected agency, integrating decades of deep creative brand management expertise with the growing importance of influence marketing media. With the 2011 launch of ION, the Influencer Orchestra Network, and the 2014 implementation of Soulmates.AI social speech processing and influencer matching technology, his vision for an AI-based proprietary tech stack with discovery tools and fully managed service for every social media platform has become a reality.

In 2017, the combined power of Ayzenberg Group’s communication arts, AI-based technology, and consultative services led to the formation of—a collective of independent companies, each at the cutting edge of their respective fields. Operating with the agility of a boutique and the scale and resources of a major super-group, offers forward-looking companies quantifiable influence over their audiences.

Also in 2017, Eric created sp[a]ce gallery, a Kunsthalle project. Three years in the making, the gallery, which is located within’s Pasadena headquarters, showcases the work of progressive international artists. The formation of took place in 2017 as well. As the first new agency to be established under the aegis of, serves brands at the forefront of technology.

All companies are focused on one or more pillars of the Listen, Create, Share model. This structure helps define the mission of each company within the network, as well as the organization and roles of the 300+ people who comprise Besides Ayzenberg Group, ION, AList, Soulmates.AI,, and sp[a]ce gallery, is made up of studio, a.insights,, and reality.

While continuing to be fully engaged with the company’s leadership, strategy, and product development, Eric has built a very strong team of partners, leaders, and dedicated staff who share in the ownership of, and responsibility for, the agency’s ongoing daily successes.

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