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Futurecraft 4D in Partnership with Carbon and Adidas Trailer

   |   Carbon 

On-Demand Mass Manufacturing

3D printing has become one of the biggest ways to mass manufacture parts in a cost-effective manner. There has long been a production standard that follows four main steps: design, prototyping, tooling, and production. Carbon has stepped up to the plate in a big way with an exciting process that revolutionizes the 3D printing industry by removing the middleman – jumping straight from design to production – and enlisted us to help them tell the world.

Our job was to showcase this new process in action, and Carbon’s new partnership with Adidas – dubbed Futurecraft 4D – was the perfect way to do that. We traveled to San Francisco to film real Carbon employees on their home turf creating beautiful, functional products straight from liquid while highlighting the brand-new Adidas midsole. At Carbon, 3D printing is more efficient than ever, allowing us all to stop prototyping and start producing.

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