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Ghostbusters Launch Trailer

   |   Activision 

Igniting a Fan Base

With the reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, Activision planned a video game release that was to be loosely based on the new film. Our mission was to ignite Ghostbusters fans into extending from the movie to the game, with a spot that contained the humor, camaraderie, nostalgia, and a family-friendly narrative they knew and loved from the franchise.

Our challenges included an incomplete story, strict game footage capture parameters, and a whole new cast of characters unfamiliar to the fans. Therefore, we needed to create an original narrative to separate the game from the film while maintaining the franchise’s core brand, tone, and humor. In addition to thrilling cuts of the third-person game capture, highlighting the game-playing components, we infused the scene with various familiar Easter eggs, such as featuring the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on the A/V monitor, for those original Ghostbusters fans. Since launch, the trailer has captured over 132,000 views and over 100 social mentions, including 17 press articles.

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