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HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Greg Lynn

   |   Microsoft 

Mixed Reality Pioneer

Throughout the past two years, Microsoft HoloLens has been seeking to cultivate a community of developers pioneering in the mixed reality space. Greg Lynn is one of the most famous living American architects and a huge technological innovator. This year, Greg Lynn partnered with Microsoft and Trimble to talk about how HoloLens is changing the way architects work – specifically, his use of the technology on the design of the American installation at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Microsoft asked us to relate this real story in a way that would engage other potential commercial developers of applications for the HoloLens and drive purchases of the Development Edition. We worked with Greg and the HoloLens marketing team to find the authentic intersection of Greg’s story and the story of Microsoft HoloLens. Together with Graham Willoughby, Director of Photography for the Academy Award-winning documentary, 20 Feet from Stardom, we wove an epic tale of giant robots, motorized skateboards and magical holograms.

HoloLens Partner Spotlight with thyssenkrupp

   |   Microsoft 

Transforming Homes with HoloLens

In our most recent HoloLens Partner Spotlight, we traveled to Germany to highlight how Microsoft HoloLens and Azure are enabling multinational conglomerate, thyssenkrupp, to design custom-built stairlift home solutions with a higher standard of customer experience. We showcase through beautiful CG scenes how the HoloLens can scan staircases using high-definition 3D holograms, allow users to interact with digital content, and perform digital data capturing through the cloud. In interviews with key players at thyssenkrupp, we learn that the data captured is in turn transported back to the manufacturing site to start production. The process of transforming homes to make life better just got four times faster.

HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Legendary

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Creating Experiences

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world of branded entertainment, companies must shift from creating content to creating experiences. Legendary Pictures, known as a film and television company, is a worldbuilder in the experience business, constantly immersing fans in new and interesting stories. Microsoft is all about innovation and creating a new world of creative computing. So when Microsoft asked us to create a video documentary showcasing the HoloLens partnership with Legendary Pictures, we went right to the source for an authentic story told by the experienced voices at Legendary.

We spoke to content creators, visionaries and executives creating next-generation entertainment experiences. Through key interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and select holographic scenes, we explored how global franchises such as Warcraft and Pacific Rim are using the HoloLens to bring digital characters to life in the real world to connect directly to fans. The video documentary is set in the world of Orcs and Kaiju, but speaks to all branded entertainment partners about the wider scope of the future of storytelling. The work being done today with mixed reality is impressive, but it’s only the beginning. For entertainment companies, the possibilities are endless.

HoloLens Partner Spotlight with Stryker

   |   Microsoft 

Innovation in the Medical Landscape

By partnering with Microsoft HoloLens, Stryker Communications is now able to collaborate with doctors and nurses to design operating rooms in ways they have never been able to before.

Our team’s goal with this spot was to reveal just how committed Stryker and HoloLens are to bringing innovation to the medical landscape, drastically improving the efficiency of design and ultimately increasing the safety of patients.

We interviewed key officials from Stryker to hear why they were so excited about using HoloLens and how it would push design boundaries. To go alongside these testimonials, we tapped our CG team to showcase how holographic operating rooms would help designers and doctors visualize real-world, life-size medical scenarios in a three-dimensional space. Since the initial release, the video has now received 1.01M views.

HoloLens x Volvo Partner Spotlight

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Volvo Holos

While flying cars would be the realization of dreams for millions of sci-fi fans, we should also think about it really means: a sky made a mess by dangerous DeLorean imitations that would rocket insurance premiums so high we’d all be wishing to go back to 1985. Thankfully Volvo and Microsoft HoloLens are teaming up to steer us into an automotive future with less listless drifting deathtraps and more smart sensors and steel in the right places. After taking a tour through virtual showrooms, assembly plants and Volvo’s design facilities we came away with this video that takes the scenic route to show the HoloLens factoring into Volvo’s technological identity. Take it for a test drive, it’ll make you realize we’re better served keeping four wheels on the ground driving a Volvo made better with HoloLens.

HoloLens x Trimble Partner Spotlight

   |   Microsoft 

Those Complex Polygons Really Tied the Room Together

While some people love using 3D to enrich the film experience of space monsters destroying Earth, the HoloLens is helping make the 3rd dimension someplace a lot better. Microsoft wanted to show this, opening the portal and letting you peek in on how they partner with tech company Trimble to revolutionize how architects, engineers and contractors work. We elaborated on how they collaborated, creating a super informative spotlight video featuring the HoloLens in action and how they use it to interact with 3D models to build the future. It’s also good to know that some people are making our Iron Man dreams come true while the rest of us would just use that tech for virtual reality cat GIFs.

HoloLens x Case Western Partner Spotlight

   |   Microsoft 

Studying Body Parts… Without the Body Parts

How, even? Hint: it starts with “Holo” and ends with “Lens.” When Microsoft teamed up with Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic to see how HoloLens could revolutionize the medical field, we donned our honorary white coats to prep, shoot, and cut a documentary they could share with the world. Several encounters with anatomically correct holo-organs later, we had a piece that showcased this incredible application of Microsoft’s revolutionary tech, allowing cadavers to catch a break and giving future doctors a more hands-on—or should we say hands-through—learning experience. And with over half a million views on YouTube, we’d say the prognosis is looking great.

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