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HoloLens Partner Spotlight with Stryker

   |   Microsoft 

Innovation in the Medical Landscape

By partnering with Microsoft HoloLens, Stryker Communications is now able to collaborate with doctors and nurses to design operating rooms in ways they have never been able to before.

Our team’s goal with this spot was to reveal just how committed Stryker and HoloLens are to bringing innovation to the medical landscape, drastically improving the efficiency of design and ultimately increasing the safety of patients.

We interviewed key officials from Stryker to hear why they were so excited about using HoloLens and how it would push design boundaries. To go alongside these testimonials, we tapped our CG team to showcase how holographic operating rooms would help designers and doctors visualize real-world, life-size medical scenarios in a three-dimensional space. Since the initial release, the video has now received 1.01M views.

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