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Last Empire War Z: Zombie Rush Trailer

   |   IM30 

Let’s Rock

Chinese mobile game developer IM30 approached us with a simple request: make a blood-pumping, live-action spot to promote its game, Last Empire War Z (LEWZ). We dove into the game and discovered plenty of heroes and in-game mechanics we could use for inspiration.

One mechanic in LEWZ we found particularly inspiring was the power to lure zombie hordes into a kill zone by blasting music. For the trailer, we built a story around this mechanic and brought it to life with live action.

To drive organic views, we cast influencers in the roles of our three principle zombies. As they shared their experiences as the horrifying undead with their fans, more and more new gamers joined in to watch the trailer.

And, of course, in the spirit of the holiday season, we set the carnage to an originally composed heavy metal version of a holiday classic.

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