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Microsoft Surface Hub Campaign

   |   Microsoft 

Transforming the Way People Work Together

We were asked by Microsoft to showcase a new, cutting-edge way of working together, using a device that defines and pushes the collaborative model. Not a personal computer, but a team computer that is casual, yet interactive, and as accessible and approachable as a whiteboard. Introducing, the Surface Hub.

Surface Hub Origins Documentary

   |   Microsoft 

Unlock the Power of the Group

Our goal with this documercial was to share the origin story of the Surface Hub, and what it means for the future of collaboration, by using an authentic documentary style while capturing brand-driven messages and visuals. To detail the inspiration, technological breakthroughs, and groundbreaking applications, we intercut authentic interviews of key Hub designers and engineers with cinematic, aesthetically compelling footage of the Hub through prototype, development and realization.

Through the lens of the secret factory in Wilsonville, we show how an expertly designed, and lovingly manufactured, piece of high-quality digital architecture changes the future of group productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Hub transforms today’s meeting spaces from one-at-a-time clusters of single-user PCs to the world’s first — and best — multi-person-computer.

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