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NextVR NBA Promo

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Face First in the Action

As camera technology has improved and VR headsets have proliferated, every major sports league has experimented with the technology to bring users face first into the action. NextVR, leading this charge and known for delivering immersive live VR experiences, came to us to help them showcase the greatest moments of the NBA in VR. To accomplish this, we put together a highlight reel of the best dunks, drives, and three-pointers from across the league. Instead of being a spectator in the crowd, the viewer is right in the action taking in the game like never before—straight from courtside. With NBA League Pass VR and NextVR, the only way to get closer to the game is to play it.

NextVR NBA Plays of the Month

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Anytime, Anywhere

For our second dive into NBA VR, we put the emphasis on being part of the game anytime, anywhere with the help of your mobile device. Our CG team created a killer opening with a smartphone snapping into a VR headset and seamlessly entering the VR space. Graphics gave the piece a fresh look while a new voice upped the authentic NBA spectator vibe. Our highlights remained thrilling as ever with impressive dunks and exciting baskets right at the buzzer. The game is so real, you can almost feel the swoosh.


2017 All-Star Game Promo

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On the Court with the All-Stars

NextVR asked us to continue our NBA coverage by producing an exciting promo for the 2017 All-Star Game in New Orleans. The goal was to make VR users feel like they were on the court alongside the-best-of-the-best NBA players during the slam dunk challenge, skills challenge, and three-point competition. Our team was able to capture directly from VR headsets, grabbing some amazing highlight footage from throughout the event. Buzz from the NBA pushed this web-only video to a fully broadcast piece on TV, setting the standard for all upcoming releases with NextVR and the NBA.


NextVR NBA March 2017 Promo Video

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Great Plays in Virtual Reality

Our collaboration with NextVR grew even more exciting as we strapped our headsets on and stepped back onto the virtual court with the NBA. In addition to the awesome dunks and deep three-pointers, we decided to showcase even more layers of the courtside experience with close-up commentators, celebrity interviews, and explosive halftime shows to display just how diverse watching the NBA in virtual reality can be. You’ve never seen basketball like this, and it’s only getting better with NextVR.

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