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Sonic Twitter Takeover II

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A Likely Unlikely Duo

To celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary, we brought the voice actors for Sonic and his long-time nemesis, Dr. Eggman, together in the same room to respond to fan questions live and in character on Twitter. Our goal was to drive awareness of the 25th anniversary, as well as garner brand loyalty from existing Sonic fans and casual gaming fans alike.

We kicked off our campaign with a fun teaser trailer showing Sonic “flashing back” to the previous year when Dr. Eggman had “hacked” his Twitter account. Our new video continued that narrative, while foreshadowing the date of the next takeover to positive fan reception (read: they went nuts).

On the day of the event, we prompted fans to ask questions using the hashtag #AskSonic and used customized, real-time responses from both Sonic and Eggman to directly engage our fan base and other brands on Twitter. None of our audio responses were pre-recorded, so audiences following the action were treated to the genuine, on-the-spot humor the brand is known for.

Our engagements with other brands were a success; among our most notable interactions were Deus Ex, Hulu, Game Grumps, Tootsie Pop’s Mr. Owl, and Twitch. We even tweeted at Assassin’s Creed‘s official account, saying we had kidnapped Ezio Auditore da Firenze (one of the main characters in their series played by the same voice actor as Sonic), whom we would hold hostage until pictures of kittens were sent our way. In case you were wondering, we received those kitten pictures and they were totally adorable.

This campaign resulted in the most successful, memorable and highest performing day in Sonic’s social media history. Overall, the campaign garnered:

16 million impressions

Over 119,000 interactions

An increase in advocacy of 854%

Over 1 million video views

…And all in one day with zero paid media

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