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Spades Plus TV Spot

   |   Peak Games 

Time to Play

Peak Games, a fast-rising mobile game company based in Istanbul, asked us to help increase installs for their game with a TV spot that mixed live action and gameplay.

We took a close look at the opportunities and pitfalls of the game and devised a creative strategy. To maximize the effectiveness of the communication to existing fans of Spades, while also reaching out to casual gamers, the spot’s creative thrust became the fun and simple social connection that comes from throwing actual spades from a deck of cards.

A live-action backlot shoot directed by mobile gaming veteran Charles Quinio created our four lively lifestyle vignettes, all designed to represent diversity among players and popular locations where mobile gamers play.

With footage in the can, we turned it over to our in-house animation team to connect the vignettes with animated cards that are played from one phone to the next, connecting players across the world with the magic of Spades Plus.

To put the finishing touches on the upbeat mood, we tapped veteran dance music producer Elan Polushko to create a track with an inviting message baked in: Now it’s time to play.

54% increase in installs when spot was seen, 50% increase in Facebook Pages likes during the spot’s run time and over 150K new installs during the first two weeks of the spot.

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