Creating and Sharing Brand Stories

Windows Edge Online Ads

   |   Microsoft 

The Better Browser

We were engaged by Microsoft to humanize the product features of their Windows browser, Edge, and attract viewers with relatable visuals in 15-second spots for YouTube and Facebook. Our goal was to cut through apathy and show users why they should care about their browser. That’s why we picked stories, from our own personal lives, that highlighted honest, funny and surprising things we all do.

Microsoft Edge Battery Life

   |   Microsoft 

Binge the Season

Why care if Edge lasts longer than Chrome?

In this spot a couple settles down to do what we all love: binge the new Netflix show. But right when they hit play, there’s a power outage. Thanks to Edge’s longer lasting battery, up to 45% longer than Chrome, they continue the binge all night – that is, until the lights come back on and it’s 4:51 in the morning.

Microsoft Edge Performance

   |   Microsoft 

Get to What Matters Instantly

Why care if Edge browses faster than Chrome?

A forgotten anniversary needs to be quickly remedied with flowers and a dinner plan. With the help of Edge’s browsing speed, 20% faster than Chrome’s, the absentminded spouse secures reservations and knocks on the door, bouquet in hand. It is then the audience discovers that the anniversary is actually a daddy/daughter date complete with cheering, pizza slices and killer dance moves.

Microsoft Edge Security

   |   Microsoft 

Faster, Safer Internet Browser

Why care if Edge is safer than Chrome?

In Edge Security, we took the idea of day-to-day safety habits to create a video of security measures gone wrong. Locking a door with only half the door in place, walking out of a shop with the underside of a purse missing, and putting valuables in a safe with the back open to the windy street. Our aim was to drive home the relationship between the people and product features in a way that showed our audience why it matters that Edge outperforms Chrome, not only for a faster and longer lasting browser, but for our basic safety.

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