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Xbox Design Lab Visual ID

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You Are in Control

With the introduction of Xbox Design Lab’s new Xbox Wireless Controller, gamers can personalize their controllers for the first time ever. With over 8 million color combinations, the offering is so cool it practically sells itself.

Our challenge was to convey “practically endless possibilities” quickly in a single image, to create artwork that works both statically and in motion, and to develop a series of cohesive of pieces that allow for ongoing content updates. Ultimately we landed on a clean but colorful look and messaging that invites gamers to engage, create, and make a personal statement: You design it, Xbox builds it.

Xbox Design Lab Announce Trailer

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Over 8 Million Ways to Customize Your Xbox Controller

The New Xbox Wireless Controller is all about personalization. It has better range, upgraded textures, and color customization with over 8 million possibilities. It’s all about making it yours. We built a bold, colorful E3 announce trailer to highlight the original and unique possibilities for each gamer’s dream controller. You design it, Xbox Design Lab will create it.

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