EA/EA Sports

Electronic Arts recognized the growing importance that social plays in the success of their brands and came to Ayzenberg's social team with a challenge: Help them grow and manage a social community for one of their biggest games ever, Battlefield 3. Today, as part of a successful program, we initiate an average of 15,000 points of conversation daily across several titles. This continual interaction drives real brand engagement, and that in turn leads to increased sharing, referral, and ultimately sales.

Our community experts, who understand both personal communications and the subject matter (in this case, video games), worked tirelessly with EA to establish a voice that could be carried across the entire team consistently. This commonality ensures that issues and concerns are addressed in a cohesive manner, always based on approved messaging yet without sounding robotic or manufactured. This practice also encourages community engagement and game adoption throughout the pre-release, beta, launch and post launch phases.

The program currently leverages Ayzenberg's 50+ person social media staff, a team of community operatives (agents with their hands on keyboards), social strategists, and analytics and statistical experts. This team has worked to not only engage, manage and grow the community, but also to provide in-depth statistical analysis of the data collected for daily, weekly and ad hoc reporting. This adds value and action to the brand, in terms of delivering ongoing content, game updates and messaging that resonates with the community and stakeholders such as the publisher and the development team.

Across many of EA's titles, we're now engaging and growing a fan base of 40 million people.