Products and Services

Our listening tools gather and interpret market intelligence.

Soulmates: A.I.

Patent-pending perfect matching technology for brands and influencers

Provides access to our matching technology to help identify the best creators for any marketing campaign.
Using AI and machine learning, it processes social speech using psychometrics and topic analysis, as well as interest graph analysis and other factors, to establish a blended Brand Soulmates Rating.
Analysis is based on a cross-section of channels associated with each influencer.

Ayzenberg EMV Index

Current values of social media engagements

A unique index for earned media values that is updated live on and [a]listdaily to reflect the current value of social engagements. 
Utilizes front-end and back-end solutions along with a triggering mechanism to notify the [a]insights team of major shifts in trends.
Values are set using a proprietary model to determine baseline values. Full reports and webinars are generated quarterly.

Ayzenberg BTI

Brand Trust defined into actionable dimensions

The Ayzenberg Brand Trust Index is a first-of-its-kind solution that brings a scientific approach to finding a means of quantifying and building trust.

By providing brands a clear definition of the dimensions of trust as consumers experience them, the [a] BTI helps them understand how to build connections that will last.

This insight can also help brands focus on building good will in the types of trust that are most important in their product categories. This on-going research examines these elements further, industry by industry.

Audience Analytics

Precision profiling of owned social channel audiences

Precision profiling of a brand’s owned channel social media audience for all public profiles through use of our robust Soulmates tech stack. Conversation topics are evaluated through audience posts and audience perception to identify key segments based on specific campaign goals.

3D-POV Audits

Deep, data-driven POV for your brand

A collaborative process in which Ayzenberg develops and delivers a Deep, Data Driven POV Audit on a brand through analysis of existing data, industry and audience trends, targeting insights, competitive analysis, and custom social listening to holistically understand all communities that surround the brand.

Advanced Analytics Services

A powerful blend of research and advanced analytics tools

A powerful blend of research and advanced analytics tools that connect to tell a cohesive story that relates to a brand’s audience. Robust systems and advanced platforms are used to render data in a meaningful way, while segmentation, forecasting, and predictive modeling allow us to develop insights from data that can help drive increased ROI.

Web Analytics Reporting

Deeper insights for better plans of action

Integrating analytics across multiple marketing efforts to achieve deeper insights and better plans of action. Using web analytics tracking, our team analyzes site behavior and identifies quality leads sourced from the initial marketing vehicle.
By tracking changes over time, we identify the levers that drive awareness, engagement, and conversion trends. Making sure marketing efforts are effectively accomplishing the objective is crucial for driving strategy and adapting and optimizing in real time.

Our create tools use listening insights to craft powerful brand stories.

Soulmates: IRM

Unique solution for customized influencer campaign management

A custom SaaS solution for Influencer Relationship Management, with specific variations available directly to brands, agencies, and MCNs based on modular features and functionality.

IRM is available with or without a multi-tier brand/line management enterprise setup. It also can incorporate matching (see above) or simple discovery as well as serving as an end-to-end solution for the Gig Economy when applied for creative/freelancer management CRM.

Branded Digital Experience Platform

A full range of digital components that empower online influence

A brand’s social influence depends on the digital experiences it provides for its audience. Our digital team develops a full range of BDE components needed for an influential online presence – from websites to meme generators to social and mobile apps, all available with content made to order by our social media creators. 
Our Branded Digital Experiences include:

  • Data-driven, science-smart [a]i websites with built-in analytics, optimized for performance and planning
  • Behavior-based tracking and optimization for content delivery
  • Curated content options
  • Data capture with delivery to marketing automation systems
  • [a]i social pages across social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Youtube, Tumblr,
  • livestreaming)

  • [a]i apps for social and mobile
  • VR/AR/MxR content
  • Branded plugins
  • Chat-based messaging
  • IOT integrations
  • Multi-channel Full Digital Presence (FDP) that delivers customer relationship KPIs through integrated web, social, email and community interaction experiences

ICN (Influencer Channel Network)

Custom, scalable, brand-owned influencer channels

A custom, scalable, brand-owned influencer channel created and managed by ION tech. Superior to MCNs in that it is tailor-made for a brand’s specific needs and goals. Features influencer outreach and selection, orchestration and management of selected Brand Soulmates, content creation/curation, and full reporting services. Used by brands as a turn-key solution for building greater brand influence.

Social Creative

Uniquely effective content for every social channel

Due to its unique nature, the creation of content for social media must happen faster and more frequently than any other kind of advertising. Our expert team of experienced social media content creators craft the most effective creative assets for each social channel and are continually on top of the latest trends.


Bringing products to life through powerful brand stories

Our award-winning broadcast group brings our clients’ products to life through stories that impact our target with lasting emotional connections. On a daily basis, our team of Writers, Graphic Designers, Animators, Directors, Editors and Producers make toys come to life, holograms feel real, computers look as sexy as Ferraris and the Xbox feel…well, like an Xbox!


Custom, computer-generated visual storytelling

At our core, we are visual storytellers utilizing the latest tools to convey compelling stories that engage, entertain, and inspire. Our arsenal of in-house animators, illustrators, designers, technicians, and motion specialists work in a variety of styles, ranging from playful character based narrative work (both computer and stop motion) to photorealistic hardware romancing.
Our team approaches each project (whether it’s 2D, 3D, AR, MR, VR, or a combination of all) with a custom-made approach through attention to detail, passion for the moving picture, and love of the craft.

Brand ID

Shaping brands to resonate with their audiences

A process of evaluation and exploration of a brand’s unique personality and attributes, resulting in the consequent design and messaging that helps shape a brand’s consumer-facing presence to resonate strongly and positively with its audience.
Our team has deep experience and expertise in the ideation and creation of taglines, logos, animations, and key art that can be used across a wide range of marketing applications.

Media Planning

Engaging audiences through data-focused strategies

Analyzing the full media landscape, our planning process is a cross-departmental effort that employs members of the Strategy, Media, and [a]insights teams to dive deeply into how our target audiences engage with brands. 
As experts in the data-focused technologies that drive advertising today, we stake out strategies that inspire, engage and move consumers through their purchase journey.

Our share tools use integrated media practices to deliver sharable content.

Social Media Management

Process-driven strategy, creation and deployment of top-quality social content

Our social team generates over 20,000 unique pieces of content per year for some of the biggest and best brands in the world. We are process driven and are known for our ability to meet challenging deadlines while maintaining an exceptionally high level of insight, creativity and productivity.

Media Buying

Maximizing efficiency while driving constant optimization

Our media buying process is an active effort to maximize the efficiency of every dollar spent. While our buying lines span a wide variety of media from TV to social, the governing principle is to maximize feedback through media analytics in order to drive constant optimization.

Brand Strategy

Rigorous, comprehensive, data-driven insights

Working closely with [a]insights to create highly effective, data-driven strategies, our strategy team creates plans of action that serve as the basis for crafting powerful campaigns and building stronger bonds between brand and their audiences.
Drawing on extensive research and a wide range of experiences and skill sets, from high-level brand planning to intricate social media expertise, our strategists provide a comprehensive understanding of today’s most relevant business challenges and opportunities.