Creating and Sharing Brand Stories

Brand Soulmates

Brand Soulmates strengthens human connections by integrating the science of artificial intelligence with the discipline of emotional intelligence.

Using our own technology and Natural Language Processing as well as the analytic computing power of IBM Watson, we find perfect influencers to connect with the audiences brands want to reach.

Here’s how it works:

We start by aligning influencer audience metrics with your brand targets. Then we determine your brand’s personality and match it to complementary influencer personalities.

This produces faster and more precise pairings between brands, new influencers, and their audiences. The results are clear: more efficient ROI for your brand, thanks to increases in affinity, appreciation, and enthusiasm among these audiences.

We do this by going beyond algorithms and data modeling to address a fundamental element of human behavior: personality.

Our unique, personality-based approach also matches brands and audiences based on influencer channel metrics and industry expertise.

Find out how your brand can achieve results that go far beyond the limits of traditional advertising. Learn more about Brand Soulmates here.

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