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When it comes to building a stronger brand, influence is everything. Powered by AI and machine learning, Ayzenberg’s Tools of Influence blend social and data sciences into creative technology solutions for progressive marketers.

A Virtuous Cycle

Optimized by the virtuous cycle of Listen, Create, and Share, our holistic line of connected platforms, products and subscription services help brands achieve their marketing goals by transforming data into influence.

It all starts with [a] Intelligence, our data warehouse, which powers everything we do.


  • [a] Intelligence

      • Our proprietary storage service for client data, uniquely organized and used for a variety of products and services.
      • Soulmates: Affinity Analysis

      • Audience/Brand Personality

      • Hypertargeting

  • Listen

      • Our Soulmates listening tools gather and interpret market intelligence. We use our patent-pending influencer discovery technology, which uses psychometric analysis along with our unique method for creating meaning out of social speech, to match brands with their ideal online content creators.
      • Products

      • Soulmates: A.I.
      • Ayzenberg EMV Index
      • Ayzenberg Brand Trust Index
      • Services

      • Advanced Analytics Services
      • 3D-POV Audits
      • Audience Analytics
      • Web Analytics Reporting
  • Create

      • Our creative tools use insights and strategy based on input from our listening tools to craft award-winning work across a full range of products and services.
      • Products

      • Soulmates: IRM
      • Branded Digital Experiences
      • Services

      • ICN (Influencer Channel Network)
      • Social Creative
      • Video
      • CG
      • Brand ID
      • Media Planning
  • Share

      • Our sharing tools employ fully integrated media practices to launch brand stories through a spectrum of paid, earned and owned media channels, products and managed services.
      • Services

      • Social Media Management
      • Media Buying
      • Brand Strategy
Cycle LISTEN CREATE Products Services A.I.

Discover the Tools

Our listening tools gather and interpret market intelligence.


Soulmates A.I.

Patent-pending perfect matching technology for brands and influencers

Ayzenberg EMV Index

Current values of social media engagements

Ayzenberg BTI

Brand Trust defined into actionable dimensions


Audience Analytics

Precision profiling of owned social channel audiences

3D-POV Audits (formerly Brand Audits)

Deep, data-driven POV for your brand

Advanced Analytics Services

A powerful blend of research and advanced analytics tools

Web Analytics Reporting

Deeper insights for better plans of action

Our creative tools use listening insights to craft powerful brand stories.


Soulmates: IRM

Unique solution for customized influencer campaign management

Branded Digital Experiences

A full range of digital components that empower online influence


ICN (Influencer Channel Network)

Custom, scalable, brand-owned influencer channels

Social Creative

Uniquely effective content for every social channel


Bringing products to life through powerful brand stories


Custom, computer-generated visual storytelling

Brand ID

Shaping brands to resonate with their audiences

Media Planning

Engaging audiences through data-focused strategies

Our sharing tools use integrated media practices to deliver sharable content.


Social Media Management

Process-driven strategy, creation and deployment of top-quality social content

Media Buying

Maximizing efficiency while driving constant optimization

Brand Strategy

Rigorous, comprehensive, data-driven insights

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