Creating and Sharing Brand Stories

Who We Are

We are a Brand + Tech Orchestra with a global presence. As a Brand + Tech Orchestra, we build bridges not only between our clients and their audiences, but also among disciplines, providing our teams with powerful tools, inspiring workspaces and a philosophy + methodology based on the virtuous cycle of Listen, Create, and Share.

We provide our products and services globally supporting our clients through our offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our international network is a key factor in fulfilling our mission: bringing data-centric decisions into the world of communications by fusing technology with art to achieve the holy grail of one-to-one marketing with a reach of mass-media scale.

What We Do

What Can We Do For You?

We’re a Frontline agency. Creative, driven by data, shared with vision. It’s what we do for our clients, and here’s how we do it:

We listen. Data is everywhere around us; the trick is turning that noise into insight. We’ve got pioneering analysts with proprietary cyborg ears all over the web and social media—curating and interpreting, informing everything we do in real-time, allowing us to stay always in front of what consumers want.

We create. The best creative is born through Idea Darwinism. In our shop, concepts can come from anywhere and anyone. But when it’s time to execute, all our mingling people work, think, and create together, fluidly Voltroning into a slightly different super-machine for every project. The ecosystem we live in doesn’t stay in compartments, so neither do we.

We share. We’re not above the trendiest trends, but our real passion is to stay in front of them. From the latest and greatest in culture to whatever sci-fi tech is coming around the bend, we care deeply about how we share your brand story. That’s why we include a social perspective in every one of our campaigns, so we can bring you to where your audience is engaged.

Listening. Creating. Sharing. Nimbly bringing it all together: that’s what we do. And we can do it for you.

Where We Work

A Collaborative Space Built Upon a Spatial, Architectural and Stylistic Vision.

At, we’ve created spaces specifically designed to encourage interaction and inspire creativity. Our award-winning architecture is complemented by amazing works of art as well as furniture, floor plans and other details that reflect our aesthetic as forward-thinking choreographers of our Brand + Tech Orchestra.

Frontline Marketing Approach

How to #createAwesome Every Day.

At Ayzenberg, we’ve always been focused on Generation Now – influential consumers who are not defined by demographics, but by their ability to instantly recognize the value of a product or service, and to share their passions with others. By tapping into the power of Generation Now, we help bring our clients the most innovative, efficient and effective solutions for their marketing needs.

We do this through the invention and adoption of innovative technology and processes, and by building a team that can wield these tools like nobody else.

Frontline Agency

Until now, the agency world has been organized around an approach of “above the line, below the line and through the line.” Based on over two decades of marketing experience and insights, we have synthesized a different approach we believe progressive companies need today: Frontline.

As a Frontline agency, our creative products and sharing strategies are powered by listening processes and discovery tools that give us insights into the desires of consumers.

Our Frontline approach gives us a unique ability to increase the level of consumer trust in a brand. Since Wall Street and brand marketers are increasingly judging the value of brands by public perception and trust, we’re developing a Brand Trust Index to create a profile and rating for the companies we work with. We then use our Frontline Marketing tools and processes to positively influence brand trust.

The resulting data and analysis from our Frontline system inform everything we do as an agency, complementing our agency’s business model, which is built around 3 integrated pillars:


These serve as the basis of our agency’s products and services, representing a virtuous cycle technology that continually refines and improves the services it informs, powering our Frontline Marketing approach. In addition, these pillars form the foundation of our agency’s organizational structure of teams.

The Listening Team

Our Listening Team uses Ayzenberg proprietary and 3rd-party tools and processes to gather and interpret market intelligence. We also use our patented influencer discovery tech, which uses top-down psychometric analysis, along with our hybrid top-down, bottom-up social listening methodology, to power ION’s unique Brand Soulmates approach to matching brands with their ideal online content creators. In turn, our Predictive Marketing process is powered by cognitive technology from our Brand Soulmates platform.

Devoted to interpreting data-driven social analytics, our Listening Team delivers the information we call [a]insights, which helps formulate the strategy that fuels our agency’s efforts.

The Creative Team

The power of insight is only as good as the creatives who bring it to reality. Our creative team uses insights and strategy from our listening team to craft award-winning products across a full range of products and services.

The Sharing Team

Our media and distribution experts use fully integrated media practices to launch brand stories through a spectrum of paid, earned and owned media channels, products and managed services.

Though we are organized by Listening, Creative and Sharing Teams, there is really only one team that matters most to our clients: the Ayzenberg team.

Our commitment to being the best, redefining the definition of advertising, and believing that we control the outcome of our efforts by understanding and acting upon the “now” of our audience is essentially what the Frontline Marketing Approach is all about. Along with our Predictive Analytics process, it enables us to forecast cultural trends and to create brand stories that resonate deeply with today’s most connected consumers.

This approach is also our catalyst for disrupting and transforming the advertising industry in order to address the monumental technological and societal shifts that are changing the way brands communicate with consumers. In response to these changes, we are pioneering a new category of communication and a new business model to replace the traditional ad agency model. We now position ourselves as a Brand + Tech Orchestra, conducting marketing direction for brands and their audiences through the Frontline approach.

Open Innovation

The Power of Collaboration, Nurtured by a.alliance.

At, we’re advocating open innovation with a.alliance, and invite everyone with great ideas to help solve some of the most interesting challenges to be found at the intersection of technology, data science and communication arts.

We love the fresh perspective people from all around the world can bring. It keeps our brains buzzing and our ideas flowing when we get the chance to collaborate with like-minded companies and individuals. And the results can be beneficial for us all.

a.alliance is built on the concept of Listen, Create, and Share, the three integrated pillars of our Frontline Marketing approach. This technology-driven cycle, which inspires and empowers all that we do, is also the essence of a.alliance.

Whether you’re an advertising or media agency, product or software company, we welcome inbound inquiries from potential partners who feel a sense of kismet and kinship when contemplating our approach and POV, and who would like to explore the exciting possibilities, from partnerships to joint ventures to product integration and beyond.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us within through a.alliance to transform incredible ideas into credible solutions, and feel your ideas are in sync with the type of approach and tools you’ve seen on our site, feel free to get the conversation started by contacting

Ayzenberg’s Brand Trust Index

Wall Street and Brand Marketers are Increasingly Judging Brand Value by Brand Trust.

For brands navigating the era of information overload, trust has become an increasingly scarce and valuable commodity. Losing it has never been easier, yet the importance of consumer trust in driving brand loyalty and, ultimately, brand value has never been greater.

Despite its importance for marketers, the business world hasn’t settled on a standard definition of trust for brands and companies. Furthermore, the current methods of quantifying trust are not scientifically robust. To address this need, we drew on some of the experience we gained by originating the Ayzenberg Earned Media Value Index and have created a way for the industry to have a baseline understanding of the levels and dimensions of trust.

Using our technology and the research of original eHarmony chief scientist Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, we’ve created the Ayzenberg Brand Trust Index [BTI] to both define and quantify brand trust in a rigorous and useful way.

Academic studies, confirmed by our own research, have shown that there are three primary components of trust: trust itself, emotional appeal, and loyalty. Each of these can be broken down into a further 16 sub-dimensions, such as credibility, gratitude and vision. These can be quantified by combining deep social listening with cognitive science processes to reveal the brand’s trust score.

Once a brand is profiled using the BTI, methods of strengthening that brand’s rating by influencing consumer perception can be implemented in order to increase brand trust and, consequently, brand value.

Transparency, authenticity, generosity and motivation have all been shown to help increase brand trust, especially for bigger brands and specifically among millennials and other younger demographic groups. By orchestrating the creation and sharing of custom brand stories that consider these factors, along with the use of other Frontline techniques, we can positively affect consumer perception of your brand.

For more information on the Ayzenberg Brand Trust Index, please take a look at the Report.

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