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A Letter From Eric Ayzenberg

Satellite image of the Amazon Rainforest fires
Amazon fires (15-22 August 2019). Satellite image taken by MODIS.

Updated September 27, 2019

Dear friends,

Several days ago, we asked for your help in assisting Bolivian veterinarians, farmers, and other unpaid volunteers on the ground in responding to the devastation being caused by the fires in the Amazon, specifically in caring for the injured animals and creating firebreaks to help prevent the spread of the fires.

To date, we’ve raised over $7,000 and your empathy and generosity already are having a positive impact. Our friend and colleague Claudia Llanos, who is from Bolivia and initiated this effort, personally knows the volunteers and is receiving reports along with videos documenting the progress. 

The veterinarians and other volunteers are building an aviary for injured birds, given they need a large area in which to heal. They are also using these funds for food, water barrels and medicine for the animals, including a badly burned tapir that has been rescued and is receiving lifesaving medical care.

The fires are still raging, however, and there is still much important work to be accomplished.

Thank you, again, for helping this very important cause.


Eric Ayzenberg

This badly burned tapir was rescued and able to receive treatment due to donations.

Your assistance means that we’re able to provide:

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