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Ayzenberg Group Launches Tools Of Influence, Harnessing Power Of AI And Machine Learning For Brands

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Melding data science and creative technology, Ayzenberg Group launches Tools of Influence to transform data into influence for brands.

Pasadena, Calif. | January 3rd, 2017, 7:00 am PST — Data-driven marketing is swiftly becoming a cornerstone for the industry. According to eMarketer, 55 percent of executives are now using data to make informed decisions.

To help marketers build a stronger brand and leverage the power of data to create influence, Ayzenberg Group has launched Tools of Influence, blending social and data sciences into vanguard creative technology solutions for progressive marketers.

“We’ve spent over two decades working with progressive brands and are now able to help them transfer their vast amounts of audience-specific marketing data into actionable results,” said Eric Ayzenberg, chief strategist and creative officer. “Using our virtuous cycle of Listen, Create, and Share, along with the power of our AI-based Tools of Influence, we provide a suite of products and services that transforms data into real predictive insights and tactics for building stronger brands.”

Better Insight, More Influence
At the core of the Tools of Influence offerings are technology-enabled products which empower strategy and inform creative. Soulmates IRM is a relationship management system created to track, measure and manage influencer campaigns.

Taking that a step further, Soulmates AI connects brands with their ideal influencers via a search engine which identifies matches based on numerous psychometric qualifiers as well as semantics and the knowledge interest graph.

“Marketing is really about influence,” said Kai Mildenberger, chief technology officer. “You want to influence somebody to have a positive opinion of your brand and you build brand value by having more positive sentiment towards your brand—that’s influence. Our goal is to change the model from impressions and likes to measuring influence in context.”

Other technology products and services include advanced affinity analysis for more accurate audience insights and targeting and real-time reporting across platforms.

“The integration of Soulmates AI into our day-to-day reporting has been a game-changer. We are now able to offer cutting-edge capabilities which allow us to solve business problems which have previously been blind spots for our clients,” said Robin Boytos, director of analytics. “Using linguistic and topic analysis to profile large audiences, evaluating deeper-level sentiment trends and understanding the data behind virality are just a few of the ways we are incorporating Soulmates AI into our reporting.”

The Next Generation Of Advertising: Tech Meets Creative
A rigorous data-driven approach informs each of the Tools of Influence. The insights garnered from proprietary listening tools help craft award-winning work across a full range of products and services such as social creative, video and visual ID to launch robust integrated campaigns.

“By orchestrating creative and communication arts, together with the right insight and the right intelligence, we believe we can bring this to significant scale and have substantial impact,” said Mildenberger.


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