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Ayzenberg Group Names Victor Parker As First-Ever Director, Corporate Communications

Global communications, tech, and consulting coalition Ayzenberg Group strengthens its media presence with a newly minted communications function

PASADENA, Calif., May 25, 2021 – Victor M. Parker II joins Ayzenberg Group as Director, Corporate Communications. Parker will oversee and celebrate the creative work from the group’s multiple companies and products, including Ayzenberg, A-List Games,, a.Open Studio, BrandSoulmates, ION, Social Index, and more. This role is the group’s first-ever senior external communications position. Parker’s primary objective is to amplify brand reputation and drive meaningful exposure within the advertising industry (and beyond) in a variety of media outlets, through the group’s strategic and creative output for clients such as Intel, Microsoft, Xbox, City of Hope, Bethesda Softworks, Ad Council, Square Enix, and more.

“Around here, you never know where the next story is going to come from. By partnering with executive and senior leadership teams across departments, Victor Parker will help develop and lead internal and external communications strategies for the group’s agencies, production arms, and product offerings and platforms. His active role is to share Ayzenberg Group’s stories, including our internal DE&I endeavors,” said Chris Younger, President, Ayzenberg Group. Parker will also work cross-functionally with HR to align the group’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion efforts for both internal and external communications endeavors, including talent acquisition.

“I’m excited to join this innovative and dynamic company. This opportunity is unique and allows me to pursue stories big and small, creating opportunities to showcase and celebrate our teams, our work, and our thought leadership. There are also opportunities to partner with many people across Ayzenberg Group to re-define our expectations of what is possible, and truly lead our approach to corporate communications in line with our culture and our ambitions.”

Victor Parker, Director, Corporate Communications, Ayzenberg Group

Most recently, Parker served as Consumer/Lifestyle Media Manager at Western Digital Corp. In his former role, he developed consumer and lifestyle, media-focused PR campaigns for Western Digital’s consumer brands, including WD, SanDisk, and G-Technology. Parker excelled at discovering untapped media or market verticals and connecting them to Western Digital’s consumer brands’ offerings through content-driven campaigns. Prior to that, he served as a Communications Director at FutureFactor – the Amsterdam-based reputation management company for brands and agencies working in the worlds of creativity, tech innovation, and start-up culture. Working closely with C-Suite industry veterans such as Jonathan Mildenhall and Wesley ter Haar, he led accounts for multiple clients, including Airbnb, Critical Mass (Omnicom Group), MediaMonks, Saatchi & Saatchi LA & Dallas, and more. The bulk of Parker’s early career was spent at Warner Media’s Warner Bros. Television Group’s publicity department under the leadership of the trailblazers Lisa Gregorian and Tamara Golihew (Amazon Studios).

“I have realigned narratives for a diverse portfolio of companies and market verticals, ranging from tech innovation, media and entertainment, advertising, and digital production, to digital storage solutions,” said Parker. As a graduate of Macalester College and Le Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA School), Parker’s global citizenship was established from an early age. Having started his career in political/international relations communications in South Africa, Parker’s experience aligns perfectly with the diverse verticals and markets with contemporary requirements in advertising, ad tech products, and production. 

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