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Ayzenberg Group Releases Earned Media Value Index 2.0 as New Industry Standard for Social Media Evaluations

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07 September 2017 – Marketers and Brands Can Now Identify the Real-World, Cash Value of their Social Campaigns

With Ayzenberg Group’s Earned Media Value Index 2.0 ([a]EMV Index), marketers can now precisely appraise social media and influencer marketing campaigns with dollar-specific valuations across most major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Marketers require third-party and independent validation to their social campaign’s ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend). Yet, all social media interactions are not created equally.
The index is built by pairing detailed research and years of paid buying experience, with smart technologies that identify cohorts, behaviors, timing and intent. The index uniquely provides brands a full understanding of a campaign’s real-world return on investment for an industry standard they can rely on.

[a]EMV Index’s methodology improvements include:

  • + Ayzenberg’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform powers the index and tracks not just impressions, but the campaign’s actual influence on consumers
  • +
      Vertical pricing: Estimates are tailored to specific industries ranging from entertainment and consumer goods, to automotive and retail
  • +
      Predictive modeling: Long-term historical data informs forecasts to help marketers budget for future campaigns
  • +
      Seasonality: Rate cards now consider the timing of campaigns to properly reflect pricing associated with high-cost months

As of September 10, 2017 – the [a]EMV Index is now available to brands, agencies and marketers as an API service for baseline values. Industry-specific values are available as a premium service.

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