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Brands Are Having Trouble Navigating Politicized Issues; Global Ad Spend Slows

Marketing is changing. From an increasingly complex socio-political environment, the impending shifts that will inevitably take place as we more fully realize the metaverse, stay on top of these insights with AList.

Axios: Brands Are Having Trouble Navigating The Complex Socio-Political Climate

A new poll from Axios Harris which surveys over 33,000 Americans nationally about the 100 most visible companies in the country is showing that brands are having some trouble navigating an increasingly complex socio-political landscape.

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Global Ad Spending Is Slowing To A Rate Of 9%, Totalling $816 Billion in 2022

Magna decreased its growth forecasts for Q2 to Q4 2022 as a result of the economic slowdown, though this has been somewhat offset by the market’s unexpectedly strong performance in Q1 where it grew by 14 percent and by the greater forecast for political spending of 51 percent. 

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How The Metaverse Is Changing Business As Usual

The metaverse has the potential to disrupt several realms from gaming to advertising to retail and so much more. But to tap into this virtual world’s full power, leaders must address its possibilities and pitfalls over the coming years and determine where it fits in with their business models.

The metaverse, despite remaining years away from full realization and adoption, is a 30-year-old idea that has only just recently come into the spotlight and attracted considerable support and investment. Although it may have a comparable impact on the world as the internet did in the ‘90s or smartphones did at the turn of the century, it’s too early to accurately say.

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