Creating and Sharing Brand Stories

Our Culture

Communication is the essence of human interaction. Our mission is to inspire and transform the world by orchestrating communication, and the technology that powers it, to deliver one-to-one brand stories as mass-media scale.

This is a tall order—one that will take a superhuman effort. Fortunately, we have a team of super-talented, super-dedicated humans who can make it happen, and we’re creating a culture that supports both our people and our mission.

The foundation of our culture is in our values. These values are built around the type of team we need in order to achieve our mission and goals while serving our clients and keeping our company profitable.

If these values align with your own, and you find our mission to be exciting, you just may be someone who will find both personal fulfillment and professional success as a member of our team.

Our Values

We are brave. The courage to drive innovation is an essential component of our approach to changing the world. We understand that we have to take big risks to achieve big rewards. Like all great teams, we are instinctively competitive and eternally and optimistic. And we have the integrity and discipline to say no to opportunities that don’t sync with our values.

We are humble. Though we are fearless, we are also modest. We realize the importance of staying challenged and never becoming complacent. We recognize our faults as well as our strengths, and work to overcome our weaknesses. We are always willing to learn and seek out information and training that will help keep us ahead of our competition. 

We are diverse. Diversity is the essence of our strength, because when we combine the talents and experiences of our people, we can achieve that superhuman quality that only comes from the power of a perfectly balanced team. We are all valued for our unique skills, and we strive daily to build and maintain an inclusive workplace that takes full advantage of these strengths.

We are united. Through the best of times as well as the most challenging of times, we are unified in spirit and dedicated to our shared goals. We are teammates, facing opportunities and obstacles alike with the assurance that each of us is looking out for all of us. Our ability to work successfully together, no matter what the circumstances, is proof of our unity.

We are spirited. Like every winning team, we are continually focused on success and always have our “heads in the game.” We think about our business 24/7, because we love what we do and find joy in doing it well. Because we’re committed to our mission, we can’t help but be passionate about every opportunity, every job, and every task.

We are generous. As team players, we take care of one another. We have empathy for all that our fellow teammates experience, and we value the positive power of love over the negative influence of fear. We trust and support each other, knowing we all share in our triumphs, as well as our defeats. We never forget our people are the source of our strength, and we give them opportunities as well as responsibilities. Rewards are based on merit and effectiveness. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun.  

We are honest. We value transparency, because information is our most valuable currency, and it is only worthwhile when it is true and shared by all. We are open, authentic, and straightforward in our interactions with our teammates and our clients, and are respectful of each other’s time, intellect, and inputs. We are vigilant about showing up to meetings on time, meticulously meeting deadlines, and providing honest and constructive feedback.

We are effective. The best intentions can’t be realized without focus, motivation and hard work. We are curious, creative, and always ready to recalibrate based on new information. We realize there are others in this world who are even smarter than we are, and we’re never too proud to learn from them. We also realize not everyone who joins our team will evolve with us. That’s why we encourage our team members to continually evaluate their commitment to our mission and help them move on to new places if their outlook changes. 

We are visionary. When a company has a visionary in its ranks, it has a serious advantage. When a company is filled with visionaries, it can achieve almost anything. We built our company around a vision of the future that has come to be. Now, we hope to inspire everyone to share this vision and adopt the tools, techniques, and ways of thinking that will keep us one step ahead of the pack. We will always challenge the status quo and experiment to find better ways to do things. Because if we are serious about changing the world (and we are), we need to be the change. 

Our Guiding Principles

Our company dynamic is based on the synergy between two basic principles: leadership and teamwork.

Everyone at has the potential to be a leader, and we want everyone to be ready for the opportunity. To us, a leader is a self-starter with the temperament and ability to take initiative and to meet every challenge with courage, confidence and a successful plan of action.

Fortunately for our leaders, we have an amazing roster of team players who can help transform vision into success. It’s not by accident that the word “network” is part of our company’s name. Every member of our team is a part of our network. Everyone supports and is supported by every other member of our team.

We understand that without every link, the chain is not whole, and for the chain to be solid, each link must be strong. Every idea generated, every initiative enacted, and every work spoken within our walls affects every member of our team, and we never forget it.

Our Origins

Since 1993, (originally in the form of our first company, Ayzenberg Group) has been a key player in the orchestration of communication through brand storytelling in social, digital and influencer marketing, creating innovative communication solutions for some of the biggest and best brands in the world.

In 1997, Ayzenberg Group became one of the first agencies to create its own website and extranet. That same year, we developed some of the first portals for video game clients.

In the years that followed, the agency created result-driven, award-winning online, broadcast and print advertising as well as media solutions, influencer orchestration, social activations, websites and mobile applications for a wide range of companies.

As Ayzenberg looked toward the future and beyond advertising, we began redefining the idea of communications by building a Communication Orchestra, called was conceived as a collective of like-minded, independent companies, each at the cutting edge of their fields.

Together, created multi-disciplined teams to deliver the skill mix needed by our clients, operating with the agility of a start-up and the scale and resources of a major super-group.

This means our capabilities go far beyond those of an advertising agency to bring brands what they need most in the data-centric world of today and tomorrow: quantifiable influence over their audiences. This influence can only be delivered through the combined power of AI-based technology, communication arts, and consultative services. is comprised of Ayzenberg Group, a.brand ID,, AList, science,, studio, a.CG studio, ION, and

As, we structure both our philosophy and our organization around the three key pillars of Listen, Create, and Share. These pillars represent a virtuous cycle that continually refines and improves the products and services it informs, powering our Frontline marketing approach.

Crystallizing the concept of Frontline marketing, has established itself as a collective of Frontline companies, with creative products and sharing strategies that are powered by social listening processes and discovery tools that provide insights into the desires of consumers.

Our Philosophy

listen create share

The pillars of Listen, Create, and Share serve as the basis of our agency’s philosophy, representing a virtuous cycle that continually refines and improves the products and services it informs while powering our Frontline marketing approach. In addition, these pillars form the foundation of our agency’s organizational structure of teams.

The Listening Team

Our listening team uses our proprietary and 3rd-party tools and processes to gather and interpret market intelligence. Devoted to interpreting data-driven social analytics, our listening team delivers the information which helps formulate the strategy that fuels our company’s efforts.

The Creative Team

The power of insight is only as good as the creatives who bring it to reality. Our creative team uses insights and strategy from our listening team to craft across a full range of products and services.

The Sharing Team

Our media and distribution experts use fully integrated media practices to launch brand stories through a spectrum of paid, earned and owned media channels, products and managed services.

Though we are organized by listening, creative and sharing Teams, there is really only one team that matters most to our clients: the team.

Our commitment to being the best, redefining the definition of advertising, and believing that we control the outcome of our efforts by understanding and acting upon unique insights into our audiences is essentially what the Frontline marketing approach is all about. Along with our predictive analytics process, it enables us forecast cultural trends and create brand stories that resonate deeply with today’s most connected consumers.

This approach is also our catalyst for disrupting and transforming the advertising industry in order to address the monumental technological and societal shifts that are changing the way brands communicate with consumers. In response to these changes, we are pioneering a new category of communication and a new business model to replace the traditional ad agency model. We now position ourselves as a Communication Orchestra, conducting marketing direction for brands and their audiences through the Frontline approach.

Our Environment

At, we’ve created a collaborative space built upon a spatial, architectural and stylistic vision. This environment reflects a seamless integration of building and site, form and space, light and material, and style and use. It is designed to encourage interaction and inspire creativity.

Our award-winning architecture is complemented by amazing works of art as well as furniture, floor plans and other details that reflect our aesthetic as forward-thinking choreographers of a Communication Orchestra.

Our Voice

As a company, we are a brand, and like the all brands we have a persona that should always be clear and consistent.

Our voice projects that persona, which can be described as honest, informed, humble, humorous, friendly, understated, and “brainy yet zany.” We are never loud, egotistical, obnoxious, condescending, or boring.

We strive to be interesting and to delight our audience by doing things differently, in our approach to advertising as well as the way we interact with ourselves and others.  

The way we use our voice is a reflection of our values. Because we believe great ideas can come from anyone within our company, it’s important that we all express these ideas with foresight, clarity, and consideration for others.

When we convey our ideas about our company, whether by speaking, in emails, or on social channels, we understand that our reputation depends on not only the content of our message, but the tone of our voice.

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