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Edgar Davtyan

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Chief Financial Officer

I joined Ayzenberg Group back in 2002, when we had just a couple of dozen people, starting at the bottom and working my way up. Since that time, I’ve put my heart and soul into the overall operation and growth of the agency, in addition to functioning as the financial brains behind the organization. I am immensely proud of the opportunities we’ve created for the 120+ professionals we now employ. We’ve worked hard to create different disciplines in order to compete in different markets, strategically position the Ayzenberg brand, and realize global success.

Since being named to a Principal role in 2013, I have continued to drive strategic transformation and agency profitability, focusing on engagement and collaboration with a collective of like-minded, independent agencies, each at the cutting edge of their field.

Participants in the [a] network are passionate about working together under the same roof to provide converged campaigns with the skill mix needed by clients, the agility of a boutique, and the scale and resources of a major super-group.

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