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A film about loss & Star Wars

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The Mug: A film about loss, Star Wars, and all-staff emails

Here at Ayzenberg, we’re changing the game one campaign at a time. Our designers have vision, our analysts have insights, and our directors have swagger. More often than not, our drive to deliver the most creative and innovative product possible to every one of our clients spills over into inter-office communications.

When Brian lost his Star Wars mug, it became an agency-wide meme. After a few hours, this agency inside-joke had been enjoyed by more people outside the agency than inside.

Like most great tales, it all started with an all-staff email. Brian, concerned that he hadn’t seen his favorite mug in some time, simply asked if anyone had seen it. He attached a photo and made a call for any information that might lead to its return. One photo is all our design team needed to create dozens of remarkably shareable assets. Once the dust had settled on one hell of an email thread, the social team took to the web. After trending on Reddit and crashing a website, the analytics team just had to pull the numbers. They couldn’t help themselves.

Without realizing it, we had created our very own success story for real-time content creation and distribution.

Take a look at how something as simple as a lost mug can demonstrate Ayzenberg’s ability to create quality content, share engaging stories, and track results… Naturally.

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