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Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

   |   Bethesda 

How do you follow up the success of the year-long storyline in Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr? Do it again.

Elder Scrolls: Greymoor took the whole-year story model that Bethesda developed the previous year and combined it with another year-long episodic marketing campaign to promote it. Our identity team created a suite of new visual assets and key art to support Bethesda and Ayzenberg’s multimedia campaign.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Integrated Campaign

   |   Bethesda / Zenimax 

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online – a 25-year-old franchise, a 5-year-old game, and a dedicated player base that races through the content and then waits a year for the next big drop.

The Challenge

We needed to keep current fans in the game, and get new players while keeping them engaged throughout the year. No small task.

And that’s why with Bethesda Game Studios and Zenimax Online we launched the SEASON OF THE DRAGON: a year-long adventure that started in January and built throughout the year.

Every bit of content had a clue or an easter egg about what was to come next, including the announce cinematic created with the award-winning Blur animation studio.


We always returned back to our brand new dragon mark, a new icon added to the storied franchise in a cooperative effort with the Bethesda and Zenimax teams, placing dragons and their cultural relevance front and center throughout the year.


We launched with a record-breaking innovative digital experience on Twitch which unlocked a dragon portal and set the stage for the whole year.

Key Art & Video

Each narrative beat had an original piece of key art for the SEASON OF THE DRAGON tying the campaign together. Each piece referencing specific moments in the past to invigorate the fans, while exciting those who had never played ESO before. All the content together built the narrative, each one ending on a cliff hanger that excited the fans and kept the world talking…


A social campaign – even reaching out to Arby’s and Game of Thrones – led to more audience engagement consistently throughout the year.


With 16 million players and rising, higher game sales year-over-year, and deeper fan engagement starting earlier and staying in the game, the SEASON OF THE DRAGON has become the biggest year of ESO ever.

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