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Gears of War 4

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Gears of War 4

When this battle began, our mandate was to build an epic ramp to get Gears of War 4 in perfect position for the long-lasting franchise’s latest fight. The long road to release demanded that we build the brand over 24 months of beats, including two E3s. That’s a hell of a haul for such a massive machine and cranking out heavy-hitting content was key. We needed to deliver: teasers for the announce, motion identity pieces on social, and the key art for the release itself.

Fortunately, our team is led by folks who have been developing the Gears of War visual identity since its inception in 2005. Building on that decade of experience with the brand, and with a careful strategy in place, we put the right boots on the ground and got the gargantuan franchise to the front lines for the fourth time.

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