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Gears of War 4 Snapchat Spots

   |   Xbox 

New Media, Same Gear

We led the way on major Snapchat promotions by having three clips, all customized for the platform, call out the pre-order deals. In these spots, we scored our fierce cinematic game capture with gentle classical music as a nod at that special Gears of War humor.

Our team won the battle using creativity, exceptional design skill, and clear vision, channeling the essence of the franchise with a fine balance of nostalgia and newness. The Brothers to the End bonuses drove excitement and started conversations around franchised characters, all of which resulted in 23K link clicks and 16M impressions. Fire up your chain guns, gamers—it’s time to save the human race.

Gears of War 4: Brothers to the End Elite Gear Pack Sizzle

   |   Xbox 

Never Fight Alone

Fans on Facebook and Twitter were hit with six individual spots, each showcasing a feature of the pre-order Brothers to the End Elite Pack. Gamers could outfit their characters in exclusive skins or deck out their weapons in golden sheaths. To highlight the components of the pack while making it accessible to all ages, we directed original cinematic game capture right here at Ayzenberg.

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