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Marvel Avengers Academy Launch Trailer

   |   Tiny Co 

Core vs. Casual

The Marvel market is incredibly saturated with products, especially on mobile. In order to be successful, we needed to stand out among the competition and appeal to both core Marvel fans and casual mainstream mobile gamers. We decided our goal with this trailer was to create an asset that would reach both core and casual audiences through organic press coverage. A month before launch, we released a trailer that revealed our Marvel characters reimagined as students, with humor infused into each scene to appeal to a casual audience.

The trailer got top-slot placement across huge entertainment, gaming, tech, comic, and mobile sites, such as, IGN, The Mary Sue,, Yahoo!, Tech Times, and many more. Marvel distributed our assets through their official channels with a combined reach of 40 million people. Currently the video has almost one million organic views with a 93% approval rating!

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