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Microsoft Education Anthem Video

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Empowering Students to Achieve More

Microsoft Education pushes the boundaries of our standard education system. Their focus on modern, digital transformative tools is changing the way we see the classroom, so we told the stories of students, teachers, parents, and friends all on this educational journey together. Our goal was to create a video where teachers were celebrated and technology was championed by showing just how a technologically integrated space could work. Surface laptops, tablets, and even the Microsoft HoloLens were shown in conjunction with one another, displaying the ease with which students can learn in the way they learn best on the tools they will use in the future. By transforming the modern classroom, Microsoft is empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.

Microsoft Education Video Series

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Transforming the classroom

Microsoft Education’s products and software transform the classroom, making learning truly collaborative and accessible to all. Our challenge wasn’t just convincing educators of this; it was reaching a time- and resource-stretched audience and engaging their attention enough to get the message across. We knew we couldn’t resort to the usual dry, testimonial-driven advertising aimed at teachers. We had to do something different.

Our strategy? Respect teachers’ time, and talk to them as humans. We made learning come to life in a series of animated videos and tutorials that demonstrate how Microsoft technology solutions expand the power of education. Developing a visual style that is both relatable and honest, we used rich storytelling to walk teachers through the many ways Microsoft is reinventing the classroom and inspiring students to achieve more.

In addition to an animated overview of the dynamic Microsoft Education offering, which garnered over 150K views in just 2 days, we showed how educators could save time with the Office 365 suite, use digital inking technologyset up PCs in the classroom, and create computer-based tests. The series of videos is part of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft, delivering an important message about a future of education that is both inclusive and limitless. And there’s more to come…

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