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She Can STEM: Social

   |   Ad Council 

Ayzenberg developed a new social approach for She Can STEM that was all about talking to girls in their own language.

You might have heard the term STEM a lot lately since it includes many of today’s fastest-growing careers. Unfortunately, women continue to be underrepresented in these fields, holding less than 30 percent of all STEM jobs. Research shows that young girls enjoy these subjects in school, but as they get older, they start to feel that STEM isn’t for them, based largely on outdated stereotypes.

To address this problem, the Ad Council launched She Can STEM, a 360-degree public-service campaign designed to keep girls on a STEM career track by highlighting inspiring female role models.

Of course, to reach the girls of today, it was critical to have a strong social-media presence. The Ad Council came to us because of our particular expertise reaching younger audiences on social. To help them optimize their Instagram and Twitter feeds, we initiated a deep dive into the social-media affinities of girls between the ages of 11 and 15.

Using these insights, we developed a new social approach for She Can STEM, combining profiles of female role models with eye-catching aesthetics and a more authentic, age-appropriate tone of voice. It was all about talking to girls in their own language, on the platforms where they already spent time.

As we rolled out our campaign, we extended this approach to new platforms. On Spotify, we created a Study Tunes playlist to help girls get in the back-to-school mindset. And on GIPHY, we gave them a new way to express their love of STEM with a series of hand-illustrated stickers that have received over 200 million views.

Overall, our campaign resulted in a 59% increase in followers for She Can STEM among the target demographic and an engagement rate that is double the industry standard.

The campaign also beat out twenty other entries to win a Shorty Award in the field of Technology. It’s nice to be recognized, but the real reward will come down the road, when today’s adolescent girls start their own STEM careers, so they can be the role models of tomorrow.

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