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Sonic Boom x Smosh Games Influencer Video

   |   Sega 

Minds. Totally. Blown.

When it comes to social media, it’s all about authenticity. Sometimes, that means shaky, hand-held footage and on-the-fly editing is the best bet for documenting an inside look at a legendary game company’s headquarters.

Working with our friends at Smosh, we invited Sonic fans to join a San Francisco scavenger hunt that ended with a tour of Sega’s facilities and a peek behind a forbidden door to discover a mind-blowing secret. Then again, with 1.3MM views and 14k likes, it’s a secret we were happy to share.

Sonic Boom x Screen Team Influencer Video

   |   Sega 

Turning YouTube Into BlueTube

Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t just the hero of a classic video game; he’s a bright blue thread in the fabric of pop culture. So when Sega updated the franchise with Sonic Boom, we amped up awareness and excitement by partnering with Screen Team to create a real-life, free-style, parkour adventure video.

With Screen Team influencers playing Sonic and his crew (along with evil nemesis Dr. Eggman) and a custom song to help propel the action, the YouTube video scored over 2MM views and 13k likes.

Sonic Boom TV Spot

   |   Sega 

Finding Children’s Eyeballs

When SEGA asked us to help them bring Sonic back for two new games, our challenge was to make the blue hedgehog relevant to a new generation and build fandom for his whole team of friends. In order to bring those snarky personalities to where the kids were, we needed to go to… (dramatic music!!)… YouTube. In addition to this high-octane TV spot that we produced entirely in-house, our CG wizards teamed up with Smosh to make a video that excited the top-tier YouTubers’ built-in audience. We also activated our ION network, generating tons of Sonic Boom videos on influencers’ channels. Using multiple, relevant touch points, we were able to bring a blue blur of Sonic content to kids on their turf.


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