Creating and Sharing Brand Stories

SpruKits Time-Lapse Video

   |   Bandai 

Snap To It

Watching a model being built in real time is pretty much like watching paint dry, but watching people move at the speed of caffeinated hummingbirds is fun. Hence the inspiration for time-lapse YouTube videos for our favorite snap-together model kits, SprüKits. Partnering with model-kit-enthusiast influencers, we showcased the ease and enjoyability of assembling your own pre-painted superhero models.

SpruKits Stop Motion Video

   |   Bandai 

Prüving the Model

A “sprue” is excess plastic you remove from a model kit. You probably didn’t know that. We wanted to help Bandai’s amazing action figure IP, Sprükits, avoid that kind of obscurity when they hit the market. With highly recognized franchise characters like Batman, Master Chief, and LBX in their line-up, our challenge was to make YouTube videos that showed the buildability, wide range of articulation and motion, and incredible detail that separated Sprükits from the pack. Our solution? Stop motion, baby! Produced entirely in-house, our franchise-tailored pieces told original narratives within the world of a kid’s bedroom. This content, along with Vines and a TV spot, excited the different fanbases, inspiring discerning model-builders and action figure enthusiasts alike to create their own Sprü Stories.


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