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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

   |   Capcom 

Street Fighter V

Paralleling Street Fighter V’s key art while creating a distinct visual identity was our goal for its expansion, SFV: Arcade Edition. Here, we focused on the villain over the hero, and broke the white background from SFV under a V-shaped shadow. We refreshed the game’s look, positioning it as a brand-new product while showcasing more of the character roster, and we ultimately succeeded at what we set out to do.

As Street Fighter V evolved into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, so too did the visual identity surrounding the games. Familiar yet distinct was the goal here. A V-shaped shadow broke the previously pure white background, we showcased more of the character roster, and focused on the game’s villain over the hero. All these elements converged to produce an impression that related to the previous game while creating its own identity.

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