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Toy Branding

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Taking Fun Seriously

When it comes to crafting advertising for toys, we start by tapping into our inner child—which means we have a bona fide license to play (and we love it). We then take that inspiration and turn it into creative that connects with kids and their parents. Our most recent collaboration with Mattel brought the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most recognized IPs, which made the work more fun than ever.

TMNT Go-To-Market Campaign

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Building Has Mutated

Booyakasha! Mega Blocks had big news—they’d acquired the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle IP—and they partnered with Ayzenberg to find the most exciting way to share it.

Our go-to-market campaign was based around a deceptively simple message: BUILDING HAS MUTATED. For kids, it was a fun line that spoke to TMNT’s great love of green slime, but to the toy industry it spoke to Mega’s ongoing message of innovation in the construction category.

Armed with the big idea, and with a dynamic new piece of keyart as our visual north star, we launched the new toy line with a series of live-action toy commercials that highlighted the enhanced features, articulation, and custom decos that other brick brands (ahem) just can’t match.

Ayzenberg + ION amplified the core message with an influencer campaign that deployed seven influencers and exceeded client goals with 81 pieces of content (18 video, 63 social). The campaign results showed a stellar +63% lift to brand with millions of impressions, a strong engagement rate of +.44pts and a 1.6x ROI. Pizza for everyone!


VS Rip-Spin Warriors TV Campaign

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A New Spin On Battling

Every kid dreams of pitting their favorite characters from different universes against each other. Spiderman vs Batman! Ninja Turtles vs The Joker! SpongeBob vs Shredder? When Mattel came to us with the ultimate action battling game, we brought the brand promise of The Ultimate Faceoff to life with a full 360° campaign designed to launch VS Rip-Spin Warriors to victory.

The six spots in our TV campaign imagined a Fight Club for toys, creating an edgy underground arena where heroes and villains from Marvel, DC, TMNT and more could finally clash. From CG to custom music to live-action, every element of the commercials was made in-house. With each match producing an unpredictable outcome, we filmed every rip, spin, and battle in glorious super slow-mo. Then, our CG team brought the characters to life to duel in epic action scenes that punctuated the live-action toy battling. The first wave of content introduced the VS brand, play pattern and Battle Arena playset, followed by spots focusing on the battle stunts of the Twin Tornado Arena.


VS Rip-Spin Warriors Influencer Campaign

   |   Mattel 

Winning the Battle for Influence

We partnered with influencers well-known for toy unboxing and pop culture, such as Kid City and Black Nerd Comedy, to launch several fun videos and urge the highly engaged audience to create their own content. Releasing their videos via Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, our influencers had a blast creating unexpected battle matchups (Spongebob vs WWE’s John Cena! Ghostbusters vs Ninja Turtles!), and introduced kids to the unique play pattern of the new toy line. And with a vast number of products in the line to choose from, our influencers encouraged the collectability aspect of the different characters and playsets.


Mega Construx TV Campaign

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Click Into A World Beyond

Creating a completely new identity for an established brand can be a tricky proposition, especially when highly demanding kids are your target audience. So when our friends at Mega and Mattel asked for our help in launching MEGA CONSTRUX, the rebranding of their Mega Blocks lineup of famous licenses, we took the challenge head-on.

Our partnership with Mega Construx simply clicked, as Ayzenberg launched a worldwide television campaign of five different commercials. From scripting to live-action production to editorial, every element of the TV spots was done in-house. Supporting the theme “Build Beyond,” our big idea hinged on the “click transition,” where a single click of a brick takes a kid from his everyday life to a world of fantasy. We took this concept and applied it across Mega Construx’s take on Halo, American Girl, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Despicable Me 3, and Pokémon.


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