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Xbox Game Pass Social

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More, More, More!

To accompany the broadcast, print, and digital pieces of the Xbox Game Pass campaign, we reached out to our audience on social media as well. With its slideshow and interactive features, Instagram Stories was the perfect platform to continue the narrative. Posting from Xbox’s account, Danny did his thing, highlighting Xbox Game Pass features, interacting with fans, and – in case anyone still needed convincing – reinforcing the idea that more is better.

Xbox Game Pass Campaign

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More Is Better (It’s Math)

We’ve all heard the adage “less is more,” and as aficionados of great design, we’ve always agreed. However, when Xbox asked us to help craft a campaign for the new Xbox Game Pass, everything about the offer felt like an affirmation of the greatness of more. Xbox Game Pass brings gamers more games, more genres, and more fun every month, all for one low fee.

So, we built our creative on the concept of “more is better (it’s math!)” and out of that statement another idea began to form: What if we could get Danny McBride to deliver that message? After all, Danny’s persona is built on excess. And sure enough, Danny agreed.

Elements of the campaign include videos, print and online digital ads, and social creative.

Xbox Game Pass Video

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Our trailer opens on a film set with a self-aggrandizing Danny hijacking the scene. When asked to tone it down on the basis that “less is more,” Danny flips his lid and sets out to disprove the idiom. Bulldozing his way through the backlot, ranting to camera, and literally blowing up live sets, Danny makes a case for, “More is more, dude!” as only Danny can. The payoff comes in the star’s tricked-out trailer where we see how Xbox Game Pass gives him more reasons to play, not less. Duh! Danny makes his point and lands the value prop with bravado.

Xbox Game Pass Visual ID

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More and More!

Our online digital and print ads showcase images of Danny McBride from the photo shoot that accompanied the filming of the trailer, with bold copy that expresses the promise that more is, indeed, obviously better than less. And who can argue with that?

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