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Xbox One X World Premiere Trailer

True 4K Gaming

With Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio), Xbox takes a giant leap forward in the console space: True 4K Gaming. Console gaming has never looked better – but it’s not just what you see that counts, it’s how it makes you feel. As such, our launch film takes audiences on a journey that is both visually stunning and visceral, a feast for the senses meant to evoke the experience of gaming in True 4K on Xbox One X.

We begin with a dynamic exploration of the console’s next-gen internals to witness the spark of ignition, the birth of luminous “pixel threads” (the life-force of True 4K Gaming) that form various game IPs in breathtaking detail. We then segue into an abstract live-action sequence where a gamer experiences Xbox One X for the first time. There is a feeling of transference between console and gamer, an emotional imprint, an awakening. As viewers, we are in her shoes, experiencing the wonder and excitement of True 4K Gaming as the trailer crescendos into the final product reveal. As the film resolves, anticipation lingers – what experiences await on the most powerful console ever made?

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