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Year in Focus Campaign

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What Moved Us in 2014?

Getty Images came to us with a very cool assignment: Could we turn their annual Year in Focus book into a big brand campaign? One that reached beyond the typical target and grabbed everyone with a pair of eyes and a heart to show them that images can move the world?

Sure we could.

Our idea: let’s ask the world to vote for the most moving images of the year. The clients loved the concept. Now we just needed to deliver. Don’t spread this around, but sometimes in this business, the work just does itself. For reals. All we had to do was keep the focus on the images and before we knew it, we had videos, banners with real time voting, all kinds of social content. And a site,, where you could view and vote for all the images.

The campaign ran. Visitors from 165 countries viewed and voted. We got an answer to our question and what once was a book became a world event.

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